Friday, January 13, 2012

La Primera Semana

My first week of classes is complete!  I am in what is called the Intensive Period in which I take two classes: one grammar class and one conversation class.  This period is four weeks long and then I will be in the Continuation Period until the end of my time here.  I am really enjoying both of my classes.  My grammar class is at 8 am and I have to get up at 6:30 am everyday to eat and catch the 20-minute bus ride to class.  However, my teacher is very entertaining and I am hardly ever bored.  The class is at times too easy for me, but hopefully it will get better as time goes on.  This class goes until 11 am and then I have a break until around 12 when my conversation class starts (if the teacher is on time… people in Spain are not always on time…).  This class is only for an hour and them I am free the rest of the day! 
This week, I had two tours of the University that I go to and yesterday my group and I walked to one of the castles here, El Castillo de Santa Barbara.  The views were fantastic!  This weekend, we are going to Valencia.  This city is only two hours away and I am told it is very beautiful.
It is very exciting to see how much better my Spanish has become in only one week.  I am much more confident in myself!  Before, when I had to ask someone a question in Spanish, I would be extremely nervous and think of what I was going to say before I said it.  Now, I just go for it and talk to people without preparing.  Alicante is a much bigger city than what I am used to!  However, I also am feeling more comfortable finding where I am going by myself and don’t have to rely on others to show me where to go.
I met with some friends last night and as we were walking, I heard, “Jordan Junker!”  It was one of my best friends, Rachel.  She is here for her J-term (about a month) and was with some of her friends.  It made my day to hear her voice and made me feel like I was at home again.  It is so nice to have her here for at least a little while!  The other day we went out to have some coffee (I normally don’t drink coffee, but it is very good here!) and seeing her made me feel so much more at ease.  
My first week has shown me a promising 5 months in Alicante.  I am loving the lifestyle here and am very content.  I hope you are all doing well back at home as well!

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